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More then 16 000 people have come to

Our Home and achieved success in their wellness


We treat causes of disease, not mere symptoms

Our Home Health Center is a team of health enthusiasts. We believe in making this world a better place to live. We love what we do and try to work even better as we share our knowledge of health living and disease prevention. The Health Center has been in operation since 2002. Much veluable experience has been gaind in the treatment and prevention of chronic degenerative diseases. Natural treaments and health education are the basis of our complex approach to regain your health. More then 16 000 peple have experienced our program and found harmony and joy in life.


Hot applications

A use of hot applicaions or fomentations is a method of hydrotherapy using hot water and steam. Fomentations are made of a fabric and they are steam-heated. Applied to skin they cause vessel...


Baths with medicinal herbs, contrast showers and contrast steam heated fomentations are main hydrotherapy treatments used at Our Home. These pleasant treatments improve circulation, boost immune...


Stress, hectic life and sedentary lifestyle lead to loss of normal muscle tone, trigger points, hinder blood and lymph circulation and also cause congestion in the body. Good massage with prior...