About Us

Our Home Wellness Center is a team of likeminded enthusiasts of healthy lifestyle. We believe we are to make a difference in the public health. We love what we do and strive to do it even better.

It all started with a health club in Vinnytsya in the 90s. A small group of medical students under the leadership of Dr. Anna Slepenchuk, a dentist. At the health club, we did vegetarian cooking classes, exercise, health lectures in order to help people gain knowledge on how to combat diseases of civilization through lifestyle medicine. It helped us to gain valuable knowledge and experience and an idea to start a country health center was conceived.

The main building was finisehd by 2002 and the Center was open on January 2. In 2017 we celebrated our 15th anniversary. Over 16 thousand guests from all over Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Germany, USA and other countries have been to Our Home since that time. We have been growing and expanding our services and God has blessed our efforts.