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Healthy Nutrition

Our health depends on what we eat, when we eat and how much we eat by 30-35 %. Eating habits of modern people get more and more unhealthy -- they use lots of refined products, too much sugar, salt and fat. Combined with low activity, overeating, chronic stress and harmful habits it leads to development of a whole bouquet of diseases.

Dietitians around the world have come to conclusion that the diet of a person who wants to maintain their health and enjoy life in full should be based on whole (not refined) plant products. Experience of millions of people around the globe proves that true.

Our Home offers plant based cuisine. More than 16 0000 of our guests found it to be delicious, beautiful, wholesome and medicinal. And many started using it at home. Cooking classes at Our Home will help you to learn culinary secrets of tasty and useful dishes and to give health to your family.

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Healthy daily routine

Our body has a "bio clock" that control functions of different organt during the day and night. If our daily schedule and pace of life coinside with the clock, we can trsut that our body will serve us in full for a long time. If not, sickness will come soon.

Lack of good rest, emotional or physical pverload, beat on emotional heath, hormone level gets out of balance, heart goes off hte beat, GUT fails -- the entire body loses its balance. It's not easy to fix the problem, but it is possible -- you just need to have right knowledge and to exercise discipline.

Our doctors will help you out with right knowledge and daily routine will help you to organize yourself. While here you'll be able to feel the benefits of right daily schedule, and as you continue it at home, you'll reap amazing teraputic benefit!

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Our body operates by certain laws. If we obey them we provide necessary conidions for smooth and long-term function of our body and disease prevention.

Therapeutic and preventive program of Our Home is based on these laws. Wholesome, delicious plant-based nutrition, adequate physical activity and physical therapy, spa, herbal teas and natural treatments help to regain health in harmony with the laws of physiology.

Individualized approach in selection of treatments, doctor's and personal therapist's monitor, ensure optimal results of therapy.

Comfortable rooms, picturesque nature and atmosphere of kindness at Our Home are conducive to restoration of emotional health.

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Informative lectures

"Who owns the information, he owns the world", said Rothschild. What information is more valuable than the one that helps to keep health and extend longevity? All treasures of the world fade in contrast with health.

Educational program at Our Home is based on modern science and aims at motivating guests to make right choices and to follow them through to regain and keep health. Scientists say that our health depends on our lifestyle at least by 50%. Things like nutrition, exercise, work and recreation routine, stress management and avoidance of harmful habits are key to health.

Two daily lectures by our doctors will help you to see which corrections you need to make in your lifestyle. Personal consultations with your doctor will help you to personalize changes, and you can start implementing the right here at Our Home.

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Our health depents on environment by 20%. Most people live in cities environment of which are not very condusive to health. Getting out in nature, at least for some time, is a dream of many.

Visiting Our Home will make this dream come true. The Health Center is located by natural oak forest - Samchynetske game reserve. Southern Bug river with its granite rapids and picturesque banks is only 10 min walk away.

Amazing quietness, birds' songs, rich flora and fresh air calm the nervs and help to restore spirit, soul and body. Hiking in the forest in along the river will bring much pleasure.

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