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Stress, hectic life and sedentary lifestyle lead to loss of normal muscle tone, trigger points, hinder blood and lymph circulation and also cause congestion in the body. Good massage with prior hot applications to warm up muscles, will solve these problems. At Our Home, you can receive full body massage, as well as local massage. You'll feel lightness in your body, relaxation and real rest!

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Magneto-laser therapy is a use of magnetic field and low intensity laser emanation with prevention and therapeutic purposes. At Our Home it is used to treat nonhealing wounds, trophic ulcers, low extremities' blood vesseles' conditions, joints and vertebra traumatic conditions, etc.

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Baths with medicinal herbs, contrast showers and contrast steam heated fomentations are main hydrotherapy treatments used at Our Home. These pleasant treatments improve circulation, boost immune system, sooth nerves and improve digestion. Hydrotherapy treatments will help you to relax, renew your strength and vigor!