Arthritis and deforming arthrosis

What's special in our approach: 

Recovery and rehabilitation program includes:

  • Phytotherapy - medicinal herbs;
  • Exercise therapy;
  • Hydrotherapy, herbal compresses;
  • Massage and hydromassage (back, limbs, joints).
What will you get?: 
Lifestyle modification. Our health recovery and prevention program is based on science of physiology. Healthy, nutritious and delitious vegan cuisine, physical exercise and exercise therapy, hydrotherapy, phytotherapy and electic physiotherapy help to recover health in harmony with laws of physiology.
Interesting health lectures. Health education program of Our Home is based on cutting-age scientific knowledge. It is designed to motivate for roght choises to preserve and revorer health. In lectures, our doctors explain principles of healthy lifestyle, and also causes of widespread diseases, their prevention and treatments.
Ecology. Our Home Health Center is located in a picturesque area just a hundred meters from Samchynetske natural landmark in eco-friendly area. Southern Bug river with rocky banks and repids flows just 10 min away. Amazing quietness, birds' songs, abundence of greenery and fresh air exert calming influence on nervous system and facilitate recovery of the spirit, soul and body!

Program of Our Home provides complex approach for arthritis and deforming arthrosis. First of all, it is removing causes of diseases through lifestyle modifications. Secondly, it is a treatment plan and rehabilitation. Lifestyle modification includes:

  • Rational nutrition: balances vegan diet with reduced salt and fats content. This diet helps to set metabolism which is often one of the causes of disease.
  • Cooking classes will help you to learn secrets of vegan dishes, and also will help you to plan your menu at home.
  • Outdoor exercise, hiking among picturesque natural scenery, will help you to increase your activity and to remove one of the major risk factors -- sedentary lifestyle.


Health Education
Our own equipment
Eco-friendly environment
11 days out in nature



Only evidence-based treatments

Our doctors use only trusted scientific methods of therapy. We do not use unproven and mystical treatment methods.

We treat causes, not symptoms of diseases

Diseases of civilization (cardio-vascular diseases, overweight and obesity, hypertension, diabetes, arthrite, cancer, etc.) are caused by neglect of health laws like irrational nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, environmental pollution, lack of sleep and rest, use of stimulants, etc. We help our guests to modify their lifestyle to get rid of causes of their disease. Dily schedule is built in a way to remove unhealthy lifestyle factors and to help your body to recover.

We have skilled doctors

Medical professionals include family doctors, physiotherapist and exercise therapy doctors.

More than 16 000 guests have come to Our Home since 2002

Every year, we help hundreds of people to recover their health and improve its quality.